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Episode 4: In the Fortress of the Wizard


Teddy Ruxpin Grubby the Octopede Newton Gimmick Prince Arin The Wooly What's-It Jack W.  Tweeg L.B.  the Bounder

New Characters:

The Wizard of Wee Gee (also the Wizard of Grundo), a greedy, yet helpful guy Louie, the suspicious cameraman/news reporterThe Gutangs, dangerous warriors









With the directions to the Wizard's Fortress, Teddy Ruxpin, Grubby, Newton Gimmick, Prince Arin, and the Wooly What's-It continue to their destination. When asked about the Wizard's disposition, Wooly simply replies that there's nothing to worry about and that he hears the Wizard is a real friendly guy.

But when they get to the fortress and knock at the door, the statement is ignored when a somewhat angry voice demands to know who's there. Grubby sarcastically remarks that the Wizard sounds real friendly to him. Teddy describes there situation as the poor Princess has been kidnapped. The wizard peaks out from the doorway and declares that he refuses to work for any "poor" princess. So Gimmick re-phrases the statement, adding that she is a "rich, unfortuanate" princess. At the sound of "rich", the Wizard gladly invites them inside.

At the site of Wooly, the door is immediately shut. The Wizard says he will not let Wooly inside but denies any fear of the creature, just that he'd get fur all over the Wizard's furniture. Grubby picks up some popcorn on the way in and the Wizard allows them to have a seat while he goes in the back, behind a curtain, for preperational puproses. Using a radio, the Wizard contacts his associate, Louie, the same guy who'd blinded the Mudblup in the Mudblup caves, allowing Teddy and his friends to escape. The Wizard tells Louie to hurry back to the fortress. When he arrives, the Wizard introduces their visitors. He asks Louie for any film on a missing princess. Louie recognizes them from the caves. He says he found the princess with the Gutangs. The Wizard instructs him to put the film on the projector while he stalls the guests.

The Wizard emerges from the curtain once again and sits at the table with the adventurers. He then tells them to "concentrate, so that htey may bring forth the mystical powers of communication". Meanwhile, the Wizard pushes some levers under the table with his feet. The first one activates a tamberine, and the second starts the beating of a drum. Grubby assumes the Princess had joined a band of gypsies, and then ran to join the army. The Wizard charges Prince Arin for the "collect call" to the spirits. A pointer on the table begins to move and points to different letters:

G-­U-­T-­A-­N-­G-­S. Gutangs.

Prince Arin asks the Wizard for more information and the Wizard asks once again for more money. He then points to a giant glass dome-like object on the wall near the table which the Wizard referred to as "The Magic Eye" which was really a giant movie screen for the films to play. The Wizard requests that the Magic Eye tell them about the Gutangs and Louie starts the projector. Wooly watches through the window as pictures flash on the screen and the Wizard summarizes what they are viewing:

He tells them of the Gutang fortress in the Treacherous Mountains of the Hard­To­Find City. Pictures flash of Princess Aruzia being taken captive by the Gutangs. The pictures also show the Gutangs' flying machines. Prince Arin asks for directions to the Treacherous Mountains and the Wizard charges him for Grubby's popcorn. Prince Arin sacrifices the last of his gold. The Wizard replies simply, "To the northeast, as the crow flies." Grubby jokingly suggests that they trade their Airship in for a crow.

Teddy and his friends leave the Wizard. They also leave Wooly, who is still too big for the Airship to transport to the top of the Treacherous Mountains. They thank him for his help and leave. They stock up on their supplies on the way: Gimmick gets more wood for their journey to the top of the mountains, Grubby makes a pot of Root Stew in case anyone gets hungry, and Prince Arin and Teddy Ruxpin make a special surprise for the Gutangs in case they run into any trouble.

Meanwhile, Tweeg and L.B. notice the Airship as it lands to pick up supplies. Tweeg then searches through a trunk to search for a disguise. He finds a dress which his grandmother sold (!?!) to him on her death bed. He puts it on and almost fools L.B. pretending to be a little old lady. He then finds a basket and tells L.B. to hop in.

When they reach the Airship, Tweeg asks the adventurers to let them board. Tweeg says he is a little old lady in distress and must bring her grandaughter, who lives in the Treacherous Mountains, a basket of goodies. Just as Grubby is about to spill the beans on their secret mission, Gimmick allows her to come onboard.

When they reach the top of the Treacherous Mountains, Tweeg dashes off to find the treasure with L.B. while the others wait until the middle of the night to mess around witht he Gutangs and try and find the Princess.

At about midnight, the adventurers begin their search. One by one, they begin to knock the Gutangs out and use their armor as disguises. Grubby puts his helmet on backwards and begins to knock them out accidentally. When they all have their armor, they find the guardhouse where the Princess is being held.

Prince Arin manages to take care of the two guards who are watching the Princess and break open the cell. The Princess is overwhelmed to see her brother and thanks them all for saving her. Teddy hands her a disguise to put on as she remarks that it is an awful thing to have to look like.

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