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The Mudblups

The King of the Mudblups!

The Adventurers first encountered the Mudblups when they were searching for the Treasure of Grundo. Tweeg replaced the real Treasure Map with a fake one which lead them to the edge of the Great Desert. After searching for wood, there was a huge earthquake and they fell into the Mudblup cave. There was coal all around and Gimmick saw this as alternate fuel for the Airship and they started to collect some. But the Mudblups found them, accused them of stealing, locked Teddy and Gimmick in a prison cell, and put Grubby to work in the kitchen. Inside the cell is also where Teddy and Gimmick meet Prince Arin. The Mudblups also return in other episodes, but Teddy and the others are only captured once more.
These guys are nothing but big piles of walking mud. Nothing to be afraid of really.


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