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Newton Gimmick

Newton Gimmick, the kind and smart inventor

This is Newton Gimmick, an Illiper not of royalty, who takes great intrest in scientific discoveries. He LOVES creating inventions, most of which we already have today. (Note: Newton- Issac Newton, discoverer of gravity. Gimmick- A gizmo or gadget, or in some cases, a false or tempting ad a company uses to lure more customers.) Most of the inventions he creates are powered by the crystals from the Hard-to-Find City. Gimmick is slow in speech, which can sometimes be a pain when you're in a quick-thinking situation. But Teddy and Grubby like the guy just the same; and any friend of Teddy's must be pretty cool if you ask me.

Gimmick's Inventions include:

The Airship

The Reducing Machine

The Duplicating Machine/Multiplucation Table

The Crystal Stethescope


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