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The Gutangs

The Gutangs raise their spears!Gutangs warning you to stand back as they sing their <a href=".../gutangsong.html">ballad</a>.

The Gutangs are one of the most seen villans in the series, although very little of them is seen. Ninety-nine percent of the time you see them with their armor on (as seen above), and only once have I seen a Gutang outside his armor, though even then he was disguised by another outfit. Like Quellor, you never see the Gutang's face throughout the series. Really all we know is that they're green, furry creatures and fight a good battle. My opinion is the creators of the show couldn't find the right face for the Gutangs, either becuase there were so many different ideas they couldn't decide or they just couldn't think of one horrifying enough to put on it, that they decided, "Hey, why not just make them a little more mysterious and not show their faces at all?" It's got a great affect on the character any way you put it.

These guys are the best when it comes to a battle. They use little flying machines, (airplanes) which are capable of firing off four or five arrows at a time. This proved to be a challenge to our heroes, but with Teddy's brains, Gimmick's Airship, and Grubby's Roasted Root Stew, they were able to defeat the Gutangs many times over. Once with the help of The Wooly What's-It.


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