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Quellor: Supreme Oppressor of M.A.V.O.

Quellor: The Supreme Oppressor of M.A.V.O.

Quellor is one of the main villans in the Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin Series. He is a monster, but we don't know exactly what he looks like. He wears a "mask" and is a dark, shadowy figure, so we can't see his face. From my point of view, he looks kind of like a bull. Quellor is also the supreme oppressor of M.A.V.O. (The Monsters and Villans Organization). Only the worst villans in Grundo get to join. Tweeg, an admirer of M.A.V.O., hopes to overthrow Quellor and become Supreme Oppressor. Quellor's main purpose is to get his hands on the crystals. Tweeg, knowing Teddy Ruxpin personally, thinks he can recover the crystals and be promoted to at least assistant Supreme Oppressor. But Quellor "will not rest" until all six of the crystals are brought to M.A.V.O. "Anyone who stands in the way of M.A.V.O. having those crystals, shall be made to suffer!"


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