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Episode 3: Guests of the Grunges


Teddy Ruxpin Grubby the Octopede Newton Gimmick Prince Arin The Fobs Jack W.  Tweeg L.B.  the Bounder

New Characters:

The Wooly What's-It, a big creature with a heart of gold The Grunges, don't step on their vegetables! Prince Arin as the Iron Warrior, too much soup







 After their escape from the Mudblups, Teddy, Grubby, Newton Gimmick, and Prince Arin begin their search for Princess Aruzia. Prince Arin uses a telescope to keep their bearings while Grubby turns the Airship's propeller. Teddy keeps the furnace full of the new coal fuel they managed to pick up in the Great Desert and Gimmick stands by to make sure things go smoothly. Grubby admits that turning the propeller is hard work and requests a drink of water. But he is denied when Gimmick finds they're down to their last drop. Teddy realizes that none of them can go very long without water. Prince Arin offers to trade places with Grubby who spots a waterfall below. They land the Airship to collect their much needed supply.

When they reach the waterfall, they find a large, purple, hairy creature taking a shower under the falling water. They decide that he is too dangerous, but Teddy goes ahead and politely asks the him to emerge from his position, explaining that they need some water. The animal refuses. So Grubby orders the creature to get out (one of things I've always liked about Grubby is his firm determination). When the creature gets in a really bad mood, Grubby explains that they're on a mission to find Princess Aruzia and that he was holding them up.

At the mention of a kidnapped princess, the creature softens up. He admits that kidnapping a princess was not a good thing to do and continues to smash a rock into bits. Prince Arin tells the him that they don't know who took her, or why, but they've got to get her back. The creature offers his assistance declaring that they should talk to the Wizard of Wee Gee.

"He knows everything. He could probably tell you where the Princess is."

They agree to follow him to the Wizard and Teddy scoops up some water for themselves (sneaky little thief isn't he?). They also learn that he creature's name is the Wooly What's-It and that he's actually a very friendly animal.

But when they attempt to lift off with Wooly, they realize that he's too heavy for the Airship to carry. So Wooly decides that they'll have to walk. He says that it will only be a short tip through the Jungle With No Name. He departs from the Airship and the rest follow.

Meanwhile, Tweeg and L.B. are trying to get up a tall, steep, hillside on their quest for the Treasure of Grundo. L.B. loses his footing and they fall all the way down the hill to the bottom and smash into a tree, the wagon breaks into a million pieces and supplies is scattered in all directions.

The adventurers wander through the Jungle when Grubby gets the feeling they're being watched. Gimmick says it is just a figment of Grubby's imagination. Then, about twenty fobs pop out of nowhere. When they ask Teddy where they are going, he replies they're on a mission to see the Wizard of Wee Gee. The fobs all agree that they must be brave and strong to be traveling through the Jungle.

As they walk along, they meet strange, rough looking creatures. They complain they've been stepping on their vegetable supply. Gimmick admits he thought they were weeds! Grubby is disgusted by the thought of eating weeds. They complain that Wooly and Grubby have done the biggest damage. When Teddy apologizes and introduces himself, they mock him saying he is "Teddy Dustpan", a Lolipop! Then they ask why they have set foot on Grunge teritory. When they find out that one of the travelers is Prince Arin, the son of King Nogburt, they immediately invite them to their village for lunch. They reluctantly accept and are taken to the Grunge village.

When they reach the village, they find the chef making a Grunge Gumbo. He explains his ingredients (Vitamins X, Y, and the not so secret ingredient, Vitamin Z.) But they warn them that too much of Vitamin Z could be dangerous as the we see a whole in the bag. They say it's what makes the Grunges strong. Grubby tastes it and the spoon crushes in his hands. When he asks for more, they refuse.

Later, during a party, everyone dances while Wooly takes a nap. Prince Arin stands to the side and Grubby accidentally dances into him, knocking him into the Gumbo. When he emerges, he transforms into an iron warrior. He begins to toss the Grunges around. Teddy tries to calm him down, but gets tossed onto a hut which collapses. Then Gimmick tries to find a scientific explanation, but suffers the same fate.

Wooly is now awake and well aware of the "new and improved" Prince Arin. He hides behind trees, but Arin cuts them down with his sword. Wooly and Arin get into a fight and fall off the edge of a cliff into a small pond. When everyone meets at the bottom, Wooly pulls up the real Prince Arin. The Grunges claim that the Gumbo has worn off in the water. When Arin asks where he is, and that he feels like he's been on a big adventure, Gimmick remarks that it was a GIANT adventure.

When they get back to the meeting hut, the Grunges give them directions to the Wizard's Fortress. Prince Arin says that King Nogburt will pay for the damages. Grubby arrives, saying he's helped the chef make a gumbo. When the Grunges ask if it will make them big and strong, Grubby says he hopes not (a fairly logical answer.)

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