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Episode 2: Beware of the Mudblups


Teddy Ruxpin Grubby the Octopede Newton Gimmick Jack W. Tweeg L.B.  the Bounder

New Characters:

Prince Arin, son of King Nogburt Mudblups, made of mud, but very dangerous Louie, the suspicious cameraman/news reporter





Teddy, Grubby, and Gimmick crash in the middle of the Great Desert. When Grubby asks what's so great about it, Gimmick explains that it's called Great because of it's size. It stretches all the way from Trembly Fault, to the Mushroom Forest. He purposes they go out and search for firewood to fuel the Airship. They search in seperate directions for a while, and when they meet up again, they come to the conclusion which they were bound to realize from the start: There's no wood in the Great Desert! After discovering this, Gimmick trips over a rock and realizes it's not just a rock, it's coal. If they could find more, they could use it to fuel the Airship. There's an earthquake and Grubby almost falls through the cracks, but he grabs onto a large rock growing out of the side of the wall and holds on until Gimmick and Teddy lift him out. When Teddy asks what just happened, Gimmick explains it was Trembly Fault. Grubby is relieved to hear it wasn't his "fault" and Gimmick tells them what an earthquake is.
Another earthquake causes the three friends to fall into the cracks where they find tons of coal. They start to dig and
"Sing a Song" and begin to hear something like a growl or "blup". Suddenly, about five Mudblups appear out of the walls and capture them. They are brought before the Mudblup King who accuses them of stealing their coal. He then orders Grubby to be put to work while Teddy and Gimmick are locked in a prison cell. Here they meet Prince Arin, the son of King Nogburt. Gimmick asks how someone of royalty ended up in a Mudblup dungeon.
Prince Arin explains that his sister,
Princess Aruzia had been kidnapped. He was searching for her when he met up with the Mudblups. He fought a brave battle though outnumbered and they took him prisoner. Teddy, always looking on the bright side of things, reminds them that with the three of them putting their heads together, they'll come up with an escape plan that much sooner. But Arin assures them there is no way out of the tunnels and they will probably be in the caves for the rest of their lives.
Tweeg and L.B. are still on the go. They try to climb a steep hill, but L.B. loses his grip and they fly back to the bottom.
Back in the Mudblup dungeon, dinner is served. Everyone is waiting for everyone else to take the first taste. Teddy agrees to it, being the heroic Illiop that he is, and tries hard to swallow. He describes it as discusting, but sort of familliar. Then, a man in a trench coat holding a video camera walks into the dungeon. He aims the camera at the Mudblup and the light from the camera blinds him. When Teddy asks what's going on, Prince Arin explains that the Mudblups lived in darkness all their lives, and detest bright lights. The Mudblup goes bezerk and rips the cell door from it's place in the wall, setting the three captives free. They run through the caves being chased by the Mudblups. Finally the ceiling caves in and they help each other to the surface. Gimmick claims he's got a clever idea to free Grubby if they can get back to the Airship.
Gimmick declares that he has no idea where the Airship is, but after a short while, they notice it out in the middle of the Desert just as they left it. When they reach it, Gimmick tells his companions to eat of his applesauce. They follow the orders, curious of what they need applesauce for. Gimmick takes out a bunch of candles from a chest in the bottom of the Ship. Finally, he puts the candles inside the empty applesauce jars to make lanterns. When they get back to the caves, they use the lanterns to scare off the Mudblups. They find Grubby in the kitchen and he tells them he made them Root Stew for lunch and talked the Mudblups into giving them extra portions. He said the Mudblups love his Root Stew and begs to take a last batch of it along for the trip. "You never know when you might want a snack." They run back through the caves and climb the rock face again to reach the Airship. When they lift off, they tell Prince Arin they would much rather look for his sister than look for the Treasure. Prince Arin thanks them gratefully and they set sail for...well, his sister.
Later, Grubby offers them some of the Root Stew he had made earlier. They try to decline, saying they were full and making excuses, so as not to hurt Grubby's feelings. When he insists, they dump the Stew over the edge of the Ship when he turns his back.
When Tweeg notices the Airship, he thinks Gimmick now has an airforce to go along with his army and navy. Just as he vows that if he never gets his hands on Gimmick, may something strike him from above, the Root Stew from the Ship lands on him. The four Princess Rescuers ride off into the distance as Tweeg mumbles under his breath.

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