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L.B. and the Bounders

L.B.  The Bounder, Tweeg's sidekick

L.B. and the Bounders work for Tweeg. L.B. himself turns out to be a softy in the end, giving up villainy for the love of Buffy, another of Tweeg's bounding companions. They look like walking tomatoes with legs, a tail, some have hair. They all have a little horn in the top of their heads. One thing about the Bounders is they're not really dangerous. They can't do much but bounce, and they don't look very scary. As you can see above, they're kind of small, and even though they pretend to be big and tough, they're very easily frightened. You don't always see all the bounders together. Most times we find L.B. to be the one who's hogging the spotlight. These guys also provide some of the comedy for the series. We find that only about two or three times throughout the whole series does L.B. pronounce Tweeg's name correctly. Most times it's "Twiz", "Twizzle", "Twuzzle", "Twug", "Twiggle", and other mixups. I think they would probably make good friends for Fobs or at least it would be fun watching the Fob get chased.


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