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The Wizard's Page

 The Wizard of Wee Gee (also the Wizard of Grundo), a greedy but helpful guy

Now, some of you may be tempted to ask: "Why does the Wizard of Wee Gee (the Wizard of Grundo) have his OWN page? Why isn't he with the good guys?". Well, for some the answer is simple, while for others, it is not so easily recognized. The reason is that, in my opinion, the Wizard of Grundo never really could be classified as bad or good. He did whatever anyone wanted him to do as long as they were willing to pay. I bet you he would have brought the Crystals to Quellor himself for the right price.

Teddy, Grubby, Gimmick, Prince Arin, and the Wooly What's-It first ran into the Wizard of Grundo when they requested information about the missing Princess Aruzia. Instead of the "...real friendly guy" as Wooly himself described, they found him to be a rather moody guy with a high factor of greed. He charged twice for information on the princess, and once for the popcorn Grubby wanted. Throughout the series, he maintains his greediness and his high prices (but I guess that's the price for wanting to know and see all).

Louie, the suspicious cameraman/news reporter

Also, the Wizard's assistant, Louie, who helps the Wizard in his duty to let everyone know what only the "spirits" know, is on this page. This is because Louie never really had an opinion, he was just a guy trying to make a living. Unfortunately, the only way he could do that was to work with the Wizard, so here he is.

Louie is a sort of news reporter who goes through Grundo every now and then and films all the goings on. He filmed Teddy, Gimmick and Prince Arin when they were in the mudblup prison, in fact, he's the reason they escaped. He also filmed other various events, such as a Grungeball game, Teddy falling form the M.A.V.O. Airship, and others.





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