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Here is the start of my episode guide for the Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin. I have all the episodes listed thanks to Creed Stonegate. He has an episode guide in progress as well. Only his is already up to Episode 12. Mine will progress slowly. Anyway, just click on the linked episodes, the others haven't been made yet.

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin Episode Guide


Episode 1: The Treasure of Grundo
Episode 2: Beware of the Mudblups

Episode 3: Guests of the Grunges
Episode 4: In the Fortress of the Wizard
Episode 5: Escape from the Treacherous Mountains
Episode 6: Take a Good Look
Episode 7: Grubby's Romance
Episode 8: Tweeg's Mom
Episode 9: The Surf Grunges
Episode 10: The New M.A.V.O. Member
Episode 11: The Faded Fobs
Episode 12: The Medicine Wagon
Episode 13: Tweeg Gets the Tweezles
Episode 14: The Lemonade Stand
Episode 15: The Rainbow Mine
Episode 16: The Wooly What's-It
Episode 17: Sign of a Friend
Episode 18: One More Spot
Episode 19: Elves and Woodsprites
Episode 20: Grundo Graduation
Episode 21: Double Grubby
Episode 22: King Nogburt's Castle
Episode 23: The Day Teddy Met Grubby
Episode 24: Secret of the Illiops
Episode 25: Through Tweeg's Fingers
Episode 26: Uncle Grubby
Episode 27: The Crystal Book
Episode 28: Teddy and the Mudblups
Episode 29: Win One for the Twipper
Episode 30: Tweeg Joins M.A.V.O.
Episode 31: The Mushroom Forest
Episode 32: Anything in the Soup
Episode 33: Captured
Episode 34: To the Rescue
Episode 35: Escape from M.A.V.O.
Episode 36: Leakee Lake
Episode 37: The Third Crystal
Episode 38: Up for Air
Episode 39: The Black Box
Episode 40: The Hard To Find City
Episode 41: Octopede Sailors
Episode 42: Tweeg the Vegetable
Episode 43: Wizardland
Episode 44: The Ying Zoo
Episode 45: The Big Escape
Episode 46: Teddy Ruxpin's Birthday
Episode 47: Wizardweek
Episode 48: Air and Water Races
Episode 49: The Great Grundo Ground Race
Episode 50: A Race to the Finish
Episode 51: Autumn Adventure
Episode 52: Gimmick's Gizmos and Gadgets
Episode 53: Harvest Feast
Episode 54: Wooly and the Giant Snowzos
Episode 55: Winter Adventure
Episode 56: Teddy's Quest
Episode 57: Thin Ice
Episode 58: Fugitives
Episode 59: Musical Oppressors
Episode 60: M.A.V.O. Costume Ball
Episode 61: Father's Day
Episode 62: The Journey Home
Episode 63: On the Beaches
Episode 64: L.B.'s Wedding
Episode 65: The Mystery Unravesls


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