The Crystals

An old picture of the Hard to Find City

The Crystals are little trinkets that Teddy, Grubby, Gimmick, Prince Arin, and Princess Aruzia found in the Hard-to-Find-City when they were on their quest for the recovery of Princess Aruzia and the discovery of the Treasure of Grundo. They had left the Treasure, but escaped with the Crystals. There were six original crystals in the Hard-To-Find-City, and a seventh in the Black Box which belonged to Quellor. They each had their own powers. These powers soon became the source of power for most of Gimmick's inventions.


Crystal One: The Reducing Crystal

Crystal Two: The Duplicating Crystal

Crystal Three: The Invisibiliy Crystal

Crystal Four: The Oxygen Crystal

Crystal Five: The Speed Crystal

Crystal Six: The Flying Crystal

Crystal Seven: The Black Box Crystal-Coming




Other Places to Find the Crystlas


Episode 5: Escape from the Treacherous Mountains
Episode 6: Take a Good Look
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Episode 28: Teddy and the Mudblups
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Episode 45: The Big Escape
Episode 63: On the Beaches
Episode 64: L.B.'s Wedding
Episode 65: The Mystery Unravels


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