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Profiles of the good guys

Characters' names from left to right:

Teddy Ruxpin, a friendly and adventurous Illiop Grubby the Octopede, Teddy's best friend

Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby the Octopede

Newton Gimmick, the kind and smart inventor Leota the Woodsprite, an expert on flying

Newton Gimmick and Leota the Woodsprite

Prince Arin, son of King Nogburt Princess Aruzia, Prince Arin's sister

Prince Arin and Princess Aruzia

The Wooly What's-It, a big yet friendly creature The Grunges, this is what they do when you squash their vegetables

The Wooly What's-It and the Grunges

The Fobs, the cuttest creatures in the series The Wizard of Wee Gee (also the Wizard of Grundo), a greedy yet helpful guy

The Fobs and the Wizard of Wee Gee (The Wizard of Grundo) and Louie (his





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