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Leota the Woodsprite

Leota the Woodsprite, an expert on flying

Leota the Woodsprite is a creature of the Woodsprite species that the adventurers meet right in the first episode. When Gimmick first shows Teddy and Grubby the Aiship, he realizes, after they've taken off, that there was no way to steer the aircraft. (See Episode 1: The Treasure of Grundo.) They crash into a tree which homes Leota the Woodsprite. She starts by asking what they were doing in her tree in the first place, and then gives them some ideas on steering the Airship. Leota says that "in order for your Airship to move in any given direction, you must apply a force in the opposite direction, such as this large, manually driven, propeller. Then you'll have to know something about the effects of winds and the various aspects of navigation, it's very simple."


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