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This part of the site is to inform you of the past history of "The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin" series. The series ran from 1987-1988 after the manufacture of the doll. It was created by Ken Forse and was made up of 65 episodes. Other episodes were planned, but were never aired. Other cable networks continued to air the program even after the original airings had stopped. Yes! Entertainment had planned to reproduce the series and the doll. I have most of the episodes on tape.

The storyline, unlike most cartoon series, continued like a soap opera. Each episode took right off where the previous one had left off. It starts when Teddy Ruxpin, a sixteen year-old illiop from Rillonia, finds a treasure map leading to the Treasure of Grundo. With the map, is half a medallion reading "Spirit, Treasure, ledge." Teddy takes along his best friend, Grubby the Octopede, and the two search for the Treasure. Along the way to the discovery of the Treasure, they meet Newton Gimmick of Gimmick's Valley in Grundo. He shows them his latest invention, a boat tied to an airbag called the Airhsip.

After finding the Treasure, they stay with Gimmick in his house for the rest of the time. When they'd found the Treasure, they also found six magic Crystals and discover Quellor, supreme oppressor of M.A.V.O. (The Monsters and Villans Organization) has a seventh. Quellor realizes that Teddy has the other six, and the rest of the series shows his intent to get the Crystals so that M.A.V.O will never be threatened by goodness.
Meanwhile, Teddy finds his own uses for the Crystals. They each have their own special powers. (See the main page for descriptions.)

Well, I don't want to give too much away, (if I haven't already) so for more information, check out the episode guide.

See ya there,

Vincent Conroy


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