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Crystal Two: The Duplicating Crystal

We found this crystal's power in Episode 21: Double Grubby. Gimmick invents a machine powered by the second crystal which duplicates anything. In ohter words, it multiplies. He named it the Multiplucation Table. He later makes a portable version he calls the Duplicating Machine. They end up duplicating Grubby himself! And so we realize that the second crystal's power is the power to duplicate things.

In Episode 24: Secret of the Illiops, the Duplicating Machine (the portable Multiplucation Table) almost floods King Nogburt in golden bracelets. But probably the most important thing that the Duplicating Machine has accomplished is the duplication of soldiers into armies to defend King Nogburt's Castle while the Teddy, Grubby, and Gimmick made their way into the Jungle With No Name to find the plant that would cure the King from his illness. All the crystals have important roles in the show. The reducing and duplicating crystals did the most.


Other Places to Find the Duplicating Crystal

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