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The Teddy Ruxpin Quiz

Episode 1: The Treasure of Grundo

In the first episode of the series, we meet Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby the Octopede as they travel to a distant land in search of the Treasure of Grundo. They meet many new friends and some enemies as well. Let's see how well you remember the beginning...

1.) What land to Teddy Ruxpin and his best friend Grubby travel to in search of the Treasure?

a.) Ying b.) Grundo c.) Rillonia


2.) As soon as Teddy and Grubby reached the foriegn land, what are the first creatures they encounter?

a.) Bounders b.) Grunges c.) Fobs


3.) What are the first creatures that the two adventurers are attacked by?

a.) Bounders b.) The Mudblups c.) Tweeg and his cannon


4.) Who saves Teddy and Grubby from their attackers?

a.) Quellor b.) Fobs c.) Newton Gimmick


5.) When Teddy and Grubby meet Newton Gimmick, they tell him of their quest for the Treasure, he tells them his latest invention may be useful. What invention does he show them?

a.) The Airship b.) The World's First Car c.) The Crystal Stethescope


6.) Who lives in the Tower across from Gimmick's house and is planning to drive Gimmick out of the the valley?

a.) The Wooly What's-It b.) The Gutangs c.) Tweeg and his sidekick L.B.


7.) What is Tweeg's primary weapon?

a.) An M-16 b.) A cannon c.) L.B.'s head


8.)Fill in the blank:

When Tweeg attempts to hit Gimmick's house (where he thinks he's forming an army to attack him and steal his formula for turning buttermilk into gold) Gimmick says: "Tweeg is without a doubt ________?_________."

a.) "the World's Worst Shot" b.) "very dangerous and should be avoided" c.) "a real

friendly guy"


9.) When the trio set sail in the Airship, they realize that Gimmick forgot to:

a.) add a dance floor on the main deck b.) make sure that the furnace wouldn't get

too hot

c.) invent a way to steer the Ship


10.) What does L.B. do that throws off the trio?

a.) He tells them there is no treasure b.) He switches the real treausre map with a

fake one

c.) He pretends to want to help them find the treasure


11.) Who's tree do the trio crash into when they find problems witht he Airship?

a.) Leota the Woodsprite b.) Semour the Elf c.) Amanda the Ladybug


12.) The inhabitant of the tree shows the trio how to fix their problem witht he Airhsip. What does she tell them to add to the Airhsip?

a.) a hardwood dance floor on the main deck b.) an auto-cooling furnace c.) a

propeller to steer the Ship and a new mast


13.) Gimmick notices they are going in the wrong direction when they pass over what landmark?

a.) Rainbow Falls b.) Trembly Fault c.) The Mushroom Forest


14.) What landmark did Gimmick say they should have been over?

a.) The Moss Forest b.) The Great Wall of Ying c.) M.A.V.O. Headquarters


15.) What were they using to fuel the Airship?

a.) gassoline b.) pure strength c.) firewood


16.) What causes the trio to crash?

a.) A hole was popped in the airbag when they passed under a low branch b.) they

ran out of fuel

c.) Their propeller was knocked out by a big rock


17.) When Teddy asks what they should do to possibly stop from crashing, what does Gimmick suggest?

a.) Throw Grubby overboard to balance out the weight b.) Throw Teddy's vest in the

furnace for fuel

c.) Cross your fingers and hope for the best


BONUS QUESTION: When Teddy and Grubby camp out in Bounder Pass, Grubby makes some of his favorite Root Stew. How does Teddy describe this phenomenon?

a.) "Absolutely disguisting!" b.) "Interesting..." c.) "Excellent! I don't think I've ever

had a better meal!"

BONUS QUESTION 2: When the trio pass over the Great Desert, Teddy tells Grubby a desert is a great, big, empty place. What does Grubby say in reply?

a.) "Sounds like the inside of Gimmick's head!" b.) "Sounds like you've got a screw


c.) "Sounds like the inside of my stomach."



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