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The Teddy Ruxpin Quiz

Episode 2: Beware of the Mudblups

In this episode, Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick crash land in the Airship. Realizing they've run out of fuel, they try to find some more. But the inhabitants of the land don't cooperate as well as they had hoped...

1.) Where does Gimmick say they've crash landed?

a.) Rainbow Falls b.) The Jungle With No Name c.) The Great Desert


2.) After the first earthquake, Grubby asks what happened. When Gimmick tells him it was Trembly Fault, what does Grubby say in reply?

a.) "Let's go teach this 'Fault' guy a lesson!" b.) "That's a relief; I thought it was

something I did."

c.) "Maybe Mr. Fault will have something to eat!"


3.) When the three go in search of firewood, and find none, a second earthquake occurs. The three of them fall into the ground. What do they find that Gimmick says will work as fuel for the Airhsip?

a.) Mountains of coal b.) A dangerously high amount of gassoline c.) They didn't find



4.) As the trio "Sing a Song", Grubby hears something. What does Gimmick say to reassure his fearing friend?

a.) "For this type of habitat to support any form of life would be virtually impossible."

b.) "Don't worry, it's probably just a fob." c.) "Let's get out of here before we find



5.) Strange creatures pop out from the walls and kidnap the trio. They are brought before the ruler of these creatures. He orders that ____________?______________

a.) They all be put to death immediately b.) Teddy and Gimmick be locked up in a


c.) Grubby be put to work in the kitchen d.) Both answers "b" and "c"


6.) When Gimmick and Teddy are thrown into prison, who is in the cell with them and tells them that the creatures they've been kidnapped by are called "Mudblups"?

a.) The Anythings b.) Prince Arin c.) Eleanor Tweeg


7.) Prince Arin tells them that his sister has been kidnapped, but he didn't know who kidnapped her. He says he fought bravely against the Mudblups, though he lost. What did he say was his sister's name?

a.) Princess Leia b.) Princess Diana c.) Princess Aruzia


8.) When lunch time rolls around, Teddy is nominated to taste first. How does he describe the meal?

a.) "It's AWFUL! But it does taste sort of familliar." b.) "It may look like mud, but it

tastes great!"

c.) "I guess it's O.K. if you like that sort of thing. Which I don't."


9.) How does Prince Arin describe the food?

a.) "It's great! I can't believe I didn't taste it earlier!" b.) "Yes, it is awful; though this

tastes worse than usual!"

c.) "On a scale of one to ten, I give it a five."


10.) When a man in a trench coat aims a camera at the Mudblup guarding the cell, the light shines into the Mudblup's eyes. What does it do in the midst of this torment?

a.) He says he'll let the three prisoners go if they get rid of that bright light.

b.) He throws the cameraman into the cell and breaks his camera. c.) He tears the cell

door off allowing the three prisoners to escape.


11.) When the three of them reach the surface, Teddy reminds them that Grubby is still down in the caves. Gimmick tells them to eat some applesauce and the others reluctantly agree to do so. He then gets some candlesticks. What was the end result?

a.) They used the empty applesauce jars and candlesticks to make lanterns.

b.) They fill the jars with a radio active substance that explodes when thrown.

c.) They smash the jars to distract the Mudblups and then use the candlesticks as torches to guide them through the caves so they could find Grubby.


12.) When they find Grubby, they realize he was the one that had made their lunch. When Grubby asks them to guess what they would've had for dinner, they all reply,

"Root Stew!" What does Grubby say?

a.) "Nope! Hot dogs!" b.) "Try again! Liver and onions!" c.) "Shucks! And I wanted it

to be a surprise!"


13.) When Grubby grabs his last pot of Root Stew, what does Prince Arin take with him?

a.) His sword b.) His sister, who was kidnapped by the Mudblups as well c.) A jar of



14.) When they set sail, what desicion do the trio make?

a.) They decide to give up the treasure and go back to Rillonia b.) They decide to give

up the treasure to help look for Prince Arin's sister

c.) They decide they like Root Stew after all


15.) We find that Tweeg and L.B. are still on the move with the real map to the Treasure. When Grubby celebrates his rescue by giving each of his friends a bowl of Root Stew, what do they do with it while Grubby's back is turned?

a.) When Tweeg passes under them they tell him to open wide b.) They throw the

stew over the side and L.B. trips on it

c.) They dump it over the side and it splashes all over Tweeg


BONUS QUESTION: In Episode 1: "The Treasure of Grundo" the trio passes over the Great Desert. When Teddy asks where they are, Gimmick says they are over the Great Desert. What does Grubby say to that?
"Great Dessert!?! Oh, boy! Let's stop and get some!" b.) "The Treasure is buried

in the desert!?!"

c.) "Gimmick! Get us BACK on course!"


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