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The Teddy Ruxpin Image Gallery

Those of you who own the doll might recognize these images from the book and tape sets that go with him. I've scanned some of the images from the books in the series for your enjoyment. More images will be appearing every so often, so check in frequently for updates.

IMPORTANT: If you do want to use an image from this gallery, please make sure to tell people where you got them from. It would be greatly appreciated. They look best when used against a white background.

The images are sorted by gallery. Click on the desired book title to see images from that book. Feel free to request images by E-mailing me.

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The Airship: Discover a Whole New World­four image

Teddy Ruxpin's Christmas: A Musical Celebration­ seven imagesTeddy's Winter Adventure: A Perfect Time for Sharing­ three images


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