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The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin Image Sources

This is probably the most important Image Sources page of the entire site. People who know me also know that I'm a huge, HUGE Teddy Ruxpin fan. I'm trying to make my site look as good as I can get it, without looking like another version of one of the other sites. I'm trying to stay original, yet unique.

Many people have helped me with providing images for the site. Most of them are taken from Josh's "The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin Supersite" and Creed Stonegate's "The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin Website of Infinite Coolness." I thank them very, very much for being as generous as they have been. I know how hard it is to keep some things to yourself when it comes to images. And to show my thanks, here's where each of the images came from.

To find out the source of an image, just click on it, and you'll be brought to the page of the site it was found.

Now displaying images 28­32 of 32 images:

Twipper's Teddy Ruxpin site logo The Tweeg's Tower logo by Jennifer Califf The Wooly What's-It, a big, but friendly guy Ickly Bognostroclum, Quellor's right hand man The Fobs, the cuttest creatures in the series Prince Arin as the Iron Warrior, too much soup! The trio find out they're shrunk The Wizard of Wee Gee (also the Wizard of Grundo), a greedy, but helpful guy Louie, the suspicious cameraman/news reporter

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That'll do it for the Teddy Ruxpin Image Sources! I want to thank everyone who's images are listed here for their help with these pictures and for allowing me to use them on my site! Thanks a lot!


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