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Contrary to what I used to think, there are plenty of Teddy Ruxpin fan sites out there! Maybe yours is one of them. Here's a list of different sites dedicated to "The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin":

 Site Name  Description
 The Infinite Coolness Website logo by Creed Stonegate

 "'The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin' Web Site of Infinite Coolness" by Creed Stonegate-

Loads of images, a partial episode guide (with images), a download section with sounds, desktop icons, and more! A must stop for serious Teddy Ruxpin fans. The first Teddy Ruxpin site ever created; and will probably be the first to shut down. But for now, the future for this site remains unseen.

The Teddy Ruxpin FAQ by Mathue Taxion

 "The Unofficial Teddy Ruxpin Frequently Asked Questions" by Mathue Taxion-

The absolute perfect place to find info on the animated talking toy, with lots of pics (of the doll and accessories), the history of Teddy Ruxpin (both the doll and the show), character descriptions, and an episode list. One of the best sites for people who own the original Teddy Ruxpin animated talking toy.

Tweeg's Tower by Jennifer Callif

 "Tweeg's Tower"-

Character profiles, lyrics, a map of Grundo with location descripitions, and more. A great site devoted to Tweeg, the wannabe villain.

Twipper's Teddy Ruxpin Site

"Twipper's Teddy Ruxpin Site"- 

Just recently moved to Tripod. Be patient while things get put back into place.

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin Supersite!  I saved the best for last!

 "'The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin' Supersite"-

The ultimate source on the web for Teddy Ruxpin info. Pics, lyrics, character descriptions, species profiles, and much, MUCH more! Even an interview with the creator of the show, Mr. Ken Forsse and key animator Jeff Wilson! An absolute MUST for ANY Teddy Ruxpin fan!

Do you have a Teddy Ruxpin site that you want linked? If you have a site, but don't see it here, then don't just sit there and let your site not get the publicity it deserves...

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