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Episode Guide



Episode Guides are pretty common in "The Adventrues of Teddy Ruxpin" sites. Even most sites have an episode list, if not a complete, detailed summary of the series. Likewise, I have one as well. It's a slow moving episode guide, no more than plain, simple, text. I tried to get as much detail as I could. There are no images, basically because of the fact that I'd like to keep this site my own and not use other people's images all over the site. So I don't use any at all. Besides, you can see the episodes for yourself. If I could capture some images, I would. But I can't. That's the only reason. I want to keep the site original. That's all.

Besides that, the summaries were written by me alone. There was no reference to anyone else's episode guid whatsoever. They were basically taken from memory. But if I do happen to forget a piece of an episode, I refer to some reruns I have on tape. The only time you'll see me refer to another episode guide, is when I've never seen the episode. That's when I ask others for a summary. And that's when you might see some "not so original" content in the guide.

All things considered, the episode guide is mine. I take full responsibility for any and all content contained in the text and page in general. Any and all questions about the guide may be directed to me by e-mailing me.

That's all there is to say about the guide. I hope you find both informative, and accurate. If you do find a flaw in the guide, PLEASE e-mail me. Thanks and enjoy the guide.


Vincent Conroy


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