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Crystal One: The Reducing Crystal


The Reducing Crystal is the first Crystal to reveal it's powers in the series. In Episode 6: Take a Good Look, Gimmick invents his Reducing Machine which makes anything that stands in it's path, three-quarters of an inch tall (except for copper, bronze, and certain alloys). They do this themselves and discover a different view of Gimmick's house.

In Episode 18: One More Spot, the trio shrink themselves so they can join Amanda, a lady bug, at the Bug Fair where they help her obtain three mores spots for doing three good deeds (inviting them to the fair and taking care of them while they were there).

In Episode 7: Grubby's Romance, Tweeg sends L.B. down to Gimmick's house to see what's going on. L.B. hits the red button on a portable version of the Reducing Machine which was outside and shrinks Teddy, Grubby, Gimmick, and the Airship down to size. This is when Grubby falls in love with Karen, a catapillar, when they go to an anual spring dance filled with different types of bugs. Sadly, Grubby and Karen must part at the end when Karen turns into a butterfly and leads them back to Gimmick's house and she returns them to normal.


Other Places to Find The Reducing Crystal

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