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 The Teddy Ruxpin Quiz

Episode 3: Guests of the Grunges

In this episode, Teddy, Grubby, Gimmick and Prince Arin are on the RIGHT way to the Treasure of Grundo and in search of Princess Aruzia. But they run into some unexpected trouble when Prince Arin's reputation preceeds him and they are invited to lunch. A simple invitation which leads to a not so simple conclusion...


1.) When Grubby complains that keeping the Airship going is hard work, Prince Arin agrees to trade places with him. What were they doing before they switched places?

a.) Prince Arin was trying to figure out where his sister was while Grubby filled the


b.) Prince Arin was using a telescope while Grubby turned the propeller.

c.) Grubby used a telescope while Prince Arin turned the propeller.


2.) When Grubby asks for a drink of water, Gimmick says they're on their very last drop. Teddy declares that none of them can go very long without water and would need to find some soon. When Grubby uses the telescope, he finds a source of water. What does he see?

a.) a river b.) a lake c.) a waterfall


3.) When they get down to the water, they find a big hairy creature taking a bath in it. What do the four thirsty adventurers do?

a.) They assumed it was dangerous, but asked politely for water anyway. b.) They

assumed it was dangerous and ran away.

c.) They decide they weren't thirsty after all.


4.) When Teddy asks for some water, what was the creatures response?

a.) "Alright. You can have some." b.) "Are you kidding? This is MY WATER!"

c.) "No! Go on! Scram!"


5.) What changed the creature's mind about letting them have some water?

a.) Grubby threatened to beat the creature up. b.) Grubby mentioned they were on a

mission to save a kidnapped princess.

c.) Teddy talked it out with the creature and afterwards, he allowed them to have

some water.


6.) What did the creature say when he heard what they said?

a.)"Kidnapped!?! Why would anybody kidnap a princess? That's BAAAAAAD!"

b.) "I bet I could beat you up any day!" c.) "O.K. I guess you guys are all right. Go

ahead and take some water."


7.) When Prince Arin told him that they didn't know who took the Princess, what did the creature suggest?

a.) They ought to find out. b.) They ought to go home and forget about it. c.) What

they ought to do is talk to the Wizard of Wee Gee.


8.) When the creature agrees to lead them to the Wizard of Wee Gee, they find he is too heavy to fit in the Airship. The creature (who's name turns out to be The Wooly What's-It) suggests they walk through a jungle. What jungle do they walk through?

a.) The Jungle of Death and Destruction b.) The Jungle of Traps and Failure c.) The

Jungle With no Name


9.) On the way through the Jungle, what are the first creatures they encounter?

a.) Fobs b.) Gutangs c.) Grunges


10.) What do the Fobs say about the route they are taking?

a.) They must be very brave and strong to take it. b.) They must be very desperate to

have to take this route.

c.) Maybe they should try putting Wooly in the Airship again.


11.) One cute little baby Fob steps forward to ask a question. What question does he ask in his (oh, so CUTE) little voice?

a.) "Are you nuts?" b.) "Are you feeling O.K.?" c.) "Are you heroes?"


12.) Later on down the trail, the group run into another species of creatures. What do the creatures complain to the group?

a.) They've just squashed their vegetables. b.) They've just insulted them by walking

on their teritory.

c.) They're not the right type for this kind of terrain.


13.) When the creatures (who call themselves Grunges) realize one of the travelers is Prince Arin, what do they do?

a.) They run away b.) They invite the five of them to the Grunge village for lunch

c.) They attack the travelers


14.) What three secret ingredients does the chef put in the Grunge Gumbo?

a.) Vitamins "A", "B", and "C" b.) Vitamins "1", "2" and "3" c.) Vitamins "X", "Y"

and "Z"


15.) Which of the secret ingredients did the chief Grunge remind the chef not to put to much of in the soup?

a.) Vitamin "X" b.) Vitamin "Y" c.) Vitamin "Z"


16.) When we get a close look at it, what do we notice about the bag of Vitamin "Z"?

a.) It's a different color then the rest. b.) It's got a hole in it which is leaking lots of

Vitamin "Z" into the gumbo

c.) The "Z" is actually an "N" tilted sideways and so Vitamin "N" is leaking into the



17.) When the dancing stops, who knocks Prince Arin into the pot of spiked Gumbo?

a.) Grubby b.) Wooly c.) Teddy


18.) When Prince Arin emerges he turns into what?

a.) A Grunge b.) A Gutang c.) An iron warrior


19.) The Iron Warrior starts trashing the village, but who gets into a fight with the Warrior?

a.) Teddy b.) Gimmick c.) Wooly


20.) What happens that wears off the affect of the Gumbo?

a.) Wooly punches the warrior in the face b.) Teddy hits the Warrior over the head

c.) Wooly and the Iron Warrior fall over a cliff and into a pond where it wears off


BONUS QUESTION: What piece of directions do we hear the Grunges give the adventurers before they leave the Grunge village?

a.) ...then you go left past the big boulder until you see the Wizard's Fortress.

b.) Go down Pensylvania Avenue and make a left on to St. Charles St. where you'll

see the Wizard's Fortress.

c.) Over Rainbow Falls, past the Grunge Village, through the Moss Forest, into Woodly Bog and then turn right near M.A.V.O. Headquarters where you'll see the

Wizard's Fortress


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