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I have done a Christmas update for the Teddy Ruxpin section and added some new sections to expand my site. They are: Xena: Warrior Princess, Star Wars, Tomb Raider, and a section on the band, the Backstreet Boys. I hope you enjoy them.


I've completed a winter update for the Teddy Ruxpin section. I've added information on the Crystals, more images for the Image Gallery, and more. Check it out here. More will be up soon, so check back often.

Also, this site now has a message board, so be sure to post messages concerning the site. PLEASE keep them relevant to the site! Have a great time and enjoy your visit to TXHBL.


Today I added the Wizard's Place and Episode 4 of the Episode Guide for the Teddy Ruxpin site! Check it out! Also, other sites are under construction. PLEASE be patient.


Today I added the fourth episode: In the Fortress of the Wizard to The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin Episode Guide. Other parts of the site are still under construction. The Teddy Ruxpin Quiz will be up soon. Thanks for your patience!


Added a sort of Teddy Ruxpin FAQ page to the Teddy Ruxpin site. If you have any questions about the Teddy Ruxpin Doll which was produced by Yes! Entertainment, PLEASE visit that page. Hopefully it will answer some of your questions.

Also, I'm working out the bugs in the Star Wars site, so expect that up very soon. It may be up either this weekend or sometime next week. I'll let you know.

Be sure to visit the Message Board if you have anything to say about the site. Or, e-mail me. Thanks for visiting!!!!!


Finally! I've updated both the Teddy Ruxpin and Star Wars sections of the site. They've been under construction of quite some time now, and I'm glad I finally got them up. E-mail me and tell me what you think of them. Especially the totally re-designed Teddy Ruxpin section.

Other sections are on the way, so stay tuned!



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